Hello! My name is Alexandru NAGY. First I want to thank you for visiting my website and I’d like to invite you to come here to my country and feel like in a wonderland. When I chose this name for the website I was wondering how can I promote ROMANIA in one word. And I came to the conclusion that someone else has done that, more than 100 years ago. We talk about Bram Stoker and his novel DRACULA when he located the action in TRANSYLVANIA. And more recently is HRH Prince Charles, who fell in love with this country.

And yes, TRANSYLVANIA is part of Romania. And yes is a wonderland as its name said, is “the land beyond the forest” in translation from old Latin. But my goal is to present you entire Romania starting from its heart, TRANSYLVANIA, the cradle of Romania. So here in Romania and Transylvania you can enjoy and explore together history and nature, culture and architecture, art and craft. From 7500 year old ceramic and old Roman (originally Greek) cities, Celtic reminiscence, passing through Byzantine time and Turkish trace, into the influence of the Hungarian kingdom and Habsburg Empire.

And yes, here you can have more that the “thrill of terror from vampires”. Explore the natural beauty of the Transylvanian Alps (FAGARAS mountain) or other mountain from the Carpathian range(800km), all the way down to the sanctuary of birds in Danube Delta; visiting old German, Romanian or Hungarian villages (with houses which have beautiful carved gates) dominated by fortified churches from top of a little hill; refresh with crystal clear spring water in the mountain, relax in hot spring spa famous from Roman time, enjoy the local cuisine and never the last, taste the local vine which were at great honor at the table of Europe kings, queen and emperor.

Always, a private and tailored tour will give you more excitement and pleasure than a big group tour. So no more words are needed. Get your family or friend and be ready for an active and attractive holiday in Romania, from mountain trail of “TRANSYLVANIA ALPS”, through back roads till slow rocking on a boat on the Danube Delta accompanied by tranquility and peace.