"ROMANIA WITH THE BEST GUIDE! We spent six amazing days in Romania with Alex Nagy, learning history, visiting amazing sights, dining in style, taking many pictures and truly enjoying all aspects of the trip. Alex picked us up at the Bucharest airport and we drove directly to Brasov, then to Sighişoara and Sibiu. We spent several days in each location making day trips to interesting historical places, castles, fortified churches and walking through the cities. The trip was well planned, Alex incredibly knowledgeable, accommodating and fun to be with. We highly recommend Alex Nagy to anyone who wants to “experience” Romania. Alex “unlocked” many doors for us!" Ginger & Woody Howse, Mercer Island, WA, USA; Oct.2014

"Alexandru is an amazing tour guide. He is extremely knowledgeable in Romanian history, flora and fauna. I thoroughly enjoyed my tour with him and am looking forward to booking a longer trip for 2 weeks to explore Romania more. Alexandru is the one of the safest guides to travel through the Romanian mountains with due to his experience with the Mountain Rescue - I recommend and encourage everyone to see Romania through Alex's eyes. It's an amazing place!" Andrew Haschka, Sydney NSW Australia; April 2013

There are two types of travel guide - those who show you their city or country, and those who share them with you. Alex is very much one who shares. Our visit was a sightseeing trip - Unesco World Heritage cities, castles, Dracula facts and fiction, fortified churches, painted monasteries to list just a few. But as well as these places, we were fortunate to pass through beautiful countryside and stunning mountain scenery. It was here that we could see Alex's love of the great outdoors, and his ability to know just where to be and where to look gave us so much more than we would have found otherwise. Storks nesting on the top of telegraph poles, farmers cutting hay by hand, eagles soaring from mountain cliffs, and many more. He has a vast knowledge of the history of Romania, and Transylvania in particular, from ancient times right through until yesterday. He also has a sensitive understanding of the differing ethnic backgrounds which have contributed to Romanian culture over the years. This helps him to bring the places we visited to life. It is easy to look at a fortified church as an unusual building, but it is only when you really understand the history of the place and its people that you can understand why the church was built the way it was. When Alex met us at Bucharest airport, we met as guide and clients. When we left a week later we parted as firm friends. We strongly recommend that if you are planning a visit to Transylvania, you should allow Alex to share his love and knowledge of the region - and of his homeland - with you. We know you will not be disappointed.” Anne and Tony Preston Warrington, UK, august 2012

"I travelled the back roads of Romania" with Alex Nagy as my guide, in May of 2012. What a ride! Had no idea how lovely a country Romania is but it was staying in the restored homes, hundreds of years old, in small villages that I enjoyed the most ..... sharing my walks along dirt roads, with cows, sheep, geese and loads of little children was a total delight. Exploring old medieval towns, hearing the vampire stories and walking through Romania's many castles and restored churches .... sharing a cup of steaming coffee or a good Romanian beer, scarfing down a delicious pizza in a town square ..... these are the memories of Romania I took home with me. Alex Nagy was a superb guide .... so knowledgeable about everything to do with Romania that I felt I had a history lesson as a bonus, over the ten days exploring the country. I look forward to returning with my family and hopefully Alex will be our guide!" Seija Webb; Calgary; Alberta; CANADA; May 2012

…”We had a lovely time in Romania with Alex. He is a wonderful and knowledgeable guide, and we're glad that he was able to be with us during our entire trip. There are so many beautiful places to visit in Romania and although we were there almost 2 weeks, we still missed out on the wooded churches and the painted monasteries in Bucovina amongst others. ….. Anyhow, we will have to go back again. Since we got back, we have told all our friends about how beautiful Romania is and all that it has to offer.” Kitiyakara's; from Thailand; April 2012

I did the a hike together with Alex in July. Fantastic hike. ….. Transylvania is just great”. Marianne Larsson; Södertälje ; Sweden; July 2012

Thanks again for a memorable trip” Ken Seiger; Brookline/MA; USA; June2012

There are some guys that you can trust with your wallet and some you can also trust with your life, Alex Nagy is the kind of guy that you can trust with both. We have known Alex for many years, he taught us both to ski and after many visits to Romania he has become a true friend. If you are looking for an expert ski instructor (and we do mean expert), an accomplished mountain guide (as well as a mountain rescuer) and a guy who knows his country almost as well as the back of his hand then look no further than Alex. What he says he will do, he does (unless circumstances change out of his control), if he makes a promise, he will keep it and if you are looking at his website with a view to visiting Romania and need a guide then, believe us, you will do no better than to engage Alex’s services. Take our word for it!!“ Barry and Doug Lawrence. Reading, Berkshire, UK. visiting Romania since 1991

I really enjoyed this trip! The hiking excursion, cultural visitation, and the cuisine were all fantastic, and the guide was simply the best” Felipe O; Lake Elsinore; CA; USA; June 2012

Our guided tour of the Transylvanian Alps with Alexandru Nagy was an enriching experience. He provided personal attention while relating details of Romania’s long history, remarkable culture, varied geography and interesting cuisine. Over 500 years of German influence in the country was found in walled villages with half-timbered buildings and winding passageways. Alex was honest about a pattern of government corruption that hinders economic development while proudly displaying the country’s scenic beauty as we hiked up mountains and through forested areas. His knowledge and skills are a mountain guide are excellent. Should we be lucky enough to travel in Romania again, we’ll look forward to another fabulous adventure with Alex”. Kay Knapton and Jim Beley; Seattle; WA;USA; August 2010.

The mix of culture, history, and hiking in this relatively undiscovered region provided one of the best travel experiences I have ever had” Nancy D; Santa Cruz; CA; USA; September 2009

A beautiful country with a fascinating history and culture” Natalie S; Howard; PA;USA; September 2009

Alex is a passionate and highly knowledgeable about Romania. He is very professional and hard working, with a tremendous concern for everything and everyone on the trip” Shelley G; New York;NY; USA; August 2009

Alex is a very personable, enthusiastic, and knowledgeable-an excellent leader” Leah W; Edmond; OK; USA; September 2007

Alex was very knowledgeable about the history of Romania and readily shared it with us. He was also a very good leader” Isaac A; Martinez; CA; USA; September 2007

Very well planned with variety of activities to let us go to know the real Romania, a wonderful balance of beauty and history. I’d like to do it again” Denise S; Montoursville; PA; USA; August 2006

The beauty of the place and the friendliness of the people made this one of the best trips we’ve ever been on” Marshall and Debbie H; Camilla; GA; USA; June 2006


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