Hello and thank you again for visiting my website. Allow me to introduce myself to you. My name is Alexandru NAGY. I was born in the town of Brasov, I’ll say the most beautiful town of Transylvania/ Romania. A multilingual and multiethnic town. Through the history the town was known under the name of Corona and/or Kronstadt. Both name meaning crown city, and in the end, a crown is a jewelry and a symbol. Maybe that’s why I say is the most beautiful city in Romania.

From young age I’ve been introduce to the nature and sport by my parents. That’s how by age of 5 and a half I was able to ski down the mountain of Postăvarul from 1800m all the way down to the town of Brasov to 600m. Slowly I’ve became familiar with the mountain around Brasov, and later at age of 11, I’ve got to know the Făgăraş mountain by hiking for a week the “Transylvanian Alps”.

Slowly the “sport bug” bite me and by teenage time, I was competing in ski race among the high schools. By the time of the mandatory army service, I was draught into the mountain troops where I was competing for the army climbing team. Apparently the speed from skiing was more frightening than hanging on the rope on a cliff!!

The next step (and almost simultaneous) was to became member into the Mountain Rescue team of Brasov. After the 1989 revolution in Romania, sport wasn’t any more a state politics, and the democracy opened new doors. In 1990 I’ve start working as tourist guide-ski instructor in the best ski resort of Romania, Poiana Brasov. In 1992 I’ve start working as tourist guide-mountain guide for the local tourism office and also became a founder of the Romanian Mountain Guide Association (AGMR).

With the reorganizing the country and legislation, became possible to get your own private license as a tourist guide, ski instructor, mountain guide and not just work for a company when and at their own disposal. However working for mountain rescue was the main field. And then I’ve decided that is time for college, and I’ve graduated with a license in Physical Education and Sport, and a Master degree in Performance and Management of Sport. Due to the skills and knowledge what permanently I try to improve and develop, I’ve got the chance to work in USA as ski instructor for few winter season. But the year have 4 season and accident on the mountains happened all year round. So I’ve decided to stay back home and keep doing the mountain rescue job.

After working for 3 year as head of the mountain rescue emergency dispatch office, I’ve got out back into the mountain. Office job as comfortable as it was, is not for me. I need to be out. Working in the meanwhile as tourist guide, mountain guide and ski instructor lead me to the decision to try to share the beauty of my country to as many as possible and start as full time. So I decided to combine historical and cultural trip with some outdoor and this is where I’m now offering you a different approach of TRANSYLVANIA and Romania.

I’m ready for you to present Romania from comfortable seat of a minivan to demanding climbing mountains on skis and skins. With the hope that this was enough to not bore you, I’m looking forward to you contact me, and together put up a nice vacation in Romania and especially in TRANSYLVANIA.

Short CV:


30 year experience in Mountain Rescue
Ski instructor since 1990
Founder member of the Romanian Mountain Guide Association (AGMR) since1992
Romanian Mountain Rescue Association (ANSMR) instructor since 1997
Certified Tourist Guide – specialized Mountain Guide since 1998
Climbing instructor since1999
ISIA ski instructor since 2001
Physical Education teacher license 2004 (master degree 2012)


Road/sightseeing trip
Trekking/hiking trip
Ski touring trip
Mountain bike trip


English (very well)
German (basic)